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[Dec. 12th, 2004|06:22 pm]
There is some fascinating (and I use the term loosely) reading on delivery and perception of delivery in the public services over at ICM. It appears to show that many people simply don't believe the Government is delivering - not only that, but simply don't accept the facticity of certain achievements which are facts beyond dispute.

Asylum and crime are, perhaps unsurprisingly, the ones where the Government comes in for the most criticism. I'm not sure why this is - what do you think, is it because they have addressed the key issues of ten years ago (health and education) so these ones have moved up the agenda? Is it because things really are out of control (I don't think there's been that much change) or is it because the media have chosen to focus on them - are people that influenced by their newspapers?

Meanwhile, how might we set about preventing politicians from falling in love, given that we know that this warps people's judgement in all sorts of ways? Will David Blunkett be the first politician to go to court in an attempt to prove that he did father a child? Isn't it (rather bad taste I though, someone at work said this to me) meant to be doing it on your own that makes you go blind?