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Out of character [Mar. 10th, 2004|03:42 pm]
You will find that I am not given to conspiracy theories, however there is something worrying me. Two premises, and a possible conclusion.

The first premise, not too controversial - The man running George W Bush's re-election campaign is famous for his mastery of the political dark arts. Read about some of them, and ponder the sheer genius of the man.

The second premise, a simple fact as I understand it - General Wesley Clark, when announcing that he would seek the Democratic nomination for President, was not at the time a declared Democrat. He has in the past (Reagan era) voted Republican.

The concern, then. Is it possible that Wesley Clark was planted by the Bush campaign in order to destabilise the Democratic nominee?. From where I'm sitting (England, admittedly), he didn't run a very good campaign in the primaries.


1) What impact would a last-minute conversion by Wes Clark to a supporter of George Bush, (eg because of some revelation about John Kerry's past), have on John Kerry's chances?

2) Is this feasible? I heard it said that Clark had the support of the Clintons, and whatever else they are, neither of them are stupid (though if there really is a Hilary '08 plan, they surely wouldn't want a Democrat to win this year?)

Just thinking out loud.

[User Picture]From: socialist_cook
2004-03-10 03:49 pm (UTC)
Hello i spotted that you added me so thought I'd pay a visit!

To answer your questions out loud- I don't think its feasible because of the support he has from the clintons. Also, I don't think he wants another chance at the presidency-that's just my view, it could of course be all wrong. Also, for a "democrat" in the loosest sense of the term to support Bush now that all the democrat party against him would be suicide.

Karl Rove is a sneaky bastard isn't he?

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